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Ōhashi is a very popular Izakaya in Senju, Northwest Tokyo, founded in 1877, a family business now in the fourth generation. The current building is quite new, from 2003. The wide space inside the big U-shaped counter is the performing stage for the owner, a grandpa in his seventies, and his son, taking orders, confirming it with a loud “Haiyoo”, bringing the food from the back kitchen and serving it to the guests at the counter, smiling and at an amazing speed. A kind of Izakaya-ballet.

The drink menu at Ōhashi has only a few items on it, beer, bottled and from the tap, 2 kinds of sake, and 亀甲宮 (キンミヤ/ Kinmiya) shōchū, the 600ml bottle for a reasonable 1250 Yen. Almost all of the guests are drinking this stuff. Together with the bottle comes the complimentary セット (setto / set), a bucket with ice cubes, one bottle of soda-water and a flask with plum-sirup, which you mix together with Shōchū to your favorite taste. The large shelf at the wall holds hundreds of bottles of Kinmiya shōchū with their owners name written on the label with a black felt pen; Ōhashi has a “bottle-keep” system, but they will keep the bottle only for 1 month, so you better drink up if you don’t live in the vicinity.

The food to eat at Ōhashi is 牛にこみ (Gyūnikomi) (320 Yen) and 肉どうふ (nikudōfu) (320 Yen), which is actually the same beef stew made from beef head meat, served either without or with a chunk of Tōfu. The nikomi is simmering in a large shallow iron pot, center back stage. There are another 20 - 30 items on the food menu, hand-written on paper strips displayed on the wall, on a mid-December day there was ハゼ唐揚げ (Haze kara-age / deep-fried goby fish) (500 Yen), the very delicious 牡蠣バターやき (Kaki batā yaki / Oysters cooked in butter) (700 Yen), かにコロッケ (Kani korokke / Crab croquettes) (480 Yen) and 銀ダラ照り焼き (Gindara teriyaki / sablefish grilled in sweet tare sauce) (640 Yen), all quite nice.

Conclusion: a very friendly and enjoyable place. Fly in the ointment: the filthy rag used to wipe the counter (hold your breath for about 5 min); and the white short-gowns of father and son are screaming for a washday.

Located 5 min. walk from JR/subway Kita Senju station. Counter (22 persons), 5 tables (20 persons).

Beer (633ml bottle): 500 Yen


東京都足立区千住3丁目46 (Adachi-ku Senju)

Tel.: 03-3881-6050‎

Hours 16:30 - 22:30

Closed on Sundays and public holidays

Last update 12/2009